Aproximaciones epistemológicas al estudio de la concentración de la atención


  • Jordis González Díaz Universidad de Granma
  • Hilda Rosa Rabilero Sabatés UNiversidad de Oriente

Palabras clave:

psicología, atención, concentración de la atención, tiro con arco


The sport training promotes the multilateral formation for athletes. For what an appropriate planning will guarantee the development of the physical and mental capacities, the formation of values and the maintenance of the health and with it the progressive increase of the sport results, for this end, in the sport becomes necessary the application of other sciences like the psychology, in function of guaranteeing an appropriate psychological preparation especially in the study of the processes cognitions.

The process of attention is closely related with the sensations, the perception, the thought and the memory; acquiring particular importance in the mental operation, for this reason the study of the attention and the concentration of the attention occupies an outstanding paper in the current investigations of the sport environment. Especially in the Shot with Arch sport of precision that needs a high concentration of the attention, the most minimum negligence affects the result since considerably. However, the sport trainers have scarce knowledge and theoretical-methodological resources, to intervene with procedures sicopedagogycal  that allow increase the concentration of the attention and at the same time to guarantee the learning of the abilities motorboats and to improve the sport results. To the author's consideration for the importance of the topic in question becomes necessary to carry out a bibliographical revision on aspects referred to the attention and the concentration of the attention. For it was consulted it information that you/they offer the up-to-date digital sources, have, as well as investigations directed to the Sport and the Physical Education, in the different libraries of the county.

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Hilda Rosa Rabilero Sabatés, UNiversidad de Oriente

Doctora en Ciencias Pedagógicas

Aproximaciones epistemológicas al estudio de la concentración de la atención




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